Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to make your 16-month-old baby look like a 2 year old

I love little boys with curly hair.

Yes, my little man's hair was getting a bit long-ish, and even though Hubby kept pointing out the "mullet look" that was forming, I was trying to hold my ground and NEVER get this kid a haircut.

On Saturday night, I gave in, and the clippers came out.

There he is, reddish curly hair and all.

Big sister, acting as the Barber's Helper.

His little hand on Daddy's kills me!


Instantly changed from my 16-month-old baby to looking like a tough 2 year old. I must say, he does look rather handsome with a buzzed head, and I'll take him either way! :o)


The Jacobsen Family! said...

He looks adorable! Haircuts do make our babies age quickly (breaking my heart!). =)

AMANDA said...

I LOVE his new haircut! He looks adorable! And I love the picture of him with his hand on Curt's knee--precious.

Sara said...

He looks so cute and yes, older. The bittersweetness of cut hair.