Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Variety is the spice of life

It's amazing how the blog reflects the week I've been having...the mode that I'm feeling stuck in...the "funk" that has developed...

Between a root canal and a chipped tooth, a prenatal appointment, four dentist appointments, desperately trying to find babysitters, breaking up fights, (Yes, they fight! And it's usually the younger trying to take down the older!), bad puppy behavior (as in, a dozen Buckeyes in the belly of a whale Princess Lucy), finishing Christmas cards, Board meetings, church meetings, two holiday events, gymnastics class, Hubby's church class, learning tons of new stuff at work for a change in position (more on that later), figuring out Christmas gifts, forgetting and missing a writing deadline...the "to-do" list from the past seven days could go on!

And on

And on

I'm usually pretty good at pacing myself. You know, sticking to the daily list that I put together and knocking off the tasks. But not this past week. Without my list, my outside world and my inner world have been utter chaos. Full of "funk". Blah.

So every time I tried to escape and write a post, the words wouldn't come out. They were stuck inside, mixed up with things like "general ledger", "accrued depreciation", "How much of a tournament refund do I owe you?", "Why does the dog smell so bad???", and "Don't bite your big sister's behind ever again!"

Don't get me wrong...I love variety. I thoroughly enjoy the many different hats I get to wear each week, and I know it's a true blessing that I can have such variety and flexibility. But I also know I will have weeks where 40 more things are thrown in, and it all becomes a jumbled mess.

So for now, as I wade through the swamp, know that I'm around, alive, kickin', and getting a larger belly by the minute. ;o) I haven't given up on you, oh blog...but taking the one-year-old football player's sock out of the toilet and body off of his sister's screaming head must come first.


Aimee said...

Oh, you make me laugh Beth!!! Boy, do we have similar lives right now! Take it ONE DAY AT A TIME and you'll get through it! (at least, that's what I'm trying to do!)

Cariluz and Ike said...

I marvel at your ability to juggle so much and still keep your sense of humor intact. And hang in there, I know that the world of "Mommy" (the ultimate hat wearer!) is crazy sometimes but you are a master at it! : )

Beth Tannatt said...

I also was in a "funk", for today anyway and you and Stephanie came to mind because you two always knew how to get me out of mine. You'll get through this, like you always do. Just try to take a deep breath and pray for strength. Love you!!!!

Sara said...

I think it's an epidemic of crazy weeks full of funk. We have similar younger vs. older going on here although ours involves whopping on the head. Ug.