Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Danae-isms, Part...oh, I lost track!

I think it's time for another installment of Danae-isms. We're overdue for them, and my mind needs some distracting this week. So here are just a few, for your entertainment.

1) Let me just tell you that this girl has PLANS for when her baby sister (or brother...we try to remind her that it's not a girl just because she said so) is born.

Danae: So, Mommy? When will Nana come visit again?
Me: Sometime soon, honey.
Danae: Maybe when the baby is born, Nana and Papa can come, and Meagan and Maddie, and everyone else can visit, too. That's what people do now when babies come out.

2) We spent some time looking at videos of Danae when she was Caedon's age. Oh, it's hilarious, and even though I love her at all ages and stages, she was such an awesome baby. :o) Here's the conversation that ensued later the same day.

Danae: Mama? You loved it when I was a baby, huh?
Me: Of course, honey! But I love you just as much at 4 years old! I want you to stop growing up and stay 4! :o)
Danae: Well, I don't want to get shots at the doctor's when I turn 5, so I'm just not going to turn it.
Me: What? What do you mean?
Danae: I'm never turning 5. I don't want to get those shots! Can you discuss it with Daddy tonight after he gets home?

3) Nursing bra shopping. I don't need to go into further detail.

Danae (while sitting quietly in a stroller, behaving amazingly well): So, which ones do you like, Mama?
Me: Well, they are all fine, I'm just having trouble finding the size I need.
Danae: There are so many on this rack. JUST PICK ONE!

Ahh, yes...a 4 year old who talks like a little old lady sometimes. I love it!

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Beccalynn said...

Number 2 about not turning 5 cracks me up the most!