Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday.

The start of a very full, busy week (nothing new there!). Time to sit back and reflect on the events of last week, completely denying any involvement in poor judgement calls or lack of loving motherly skills. ;o) I've decided to take part in Not Me! Monday, created by a wonderful blogger over at My Charming Kids. (FYI if it doesn't come out very clear to you: note the heavy sarcasm and denial below.)

* I've been sleeping oh SO peacefully the past few weeks, since that's what happens when you are 30 weeks pregnant with a massive ball in front of you. I never wake up cranky or irritable or feel like I want to stay in bed all day long.

* The results of that lovely 28-week glucose test came in. (You know...the one where you drink a super sugary drink, feeling like you just pounded down an entire city of Pixie Sticks, and then get your blood drawn to check on gestational diabetes and hemoglobin levels. Yummy.) My iron levels didn't come back too low, causing my midwife to tell me to buy iron pills and change my diet. Nope. Not me. Those pills aren't still sitting on the store shelf, just waiting for my forgetful self to go buy them. I never forget something that important every time I'm at the store.

* I didn't throw together some type of egg/pepper/anything-I-have-in-the-fridge mixture, sprinkle on cheese and salsa, slap it all into a tortilla, and call it "dinner" one evening last week. Nope. I always have my family's meals planned out with every ingredient on-hand in the pantry.

* There was no way that another mouse was in the kitchen last week. Absolutely not. And I didn't meet said mouse face-to-face at 6am when I couldn't sleep and decided to go bake something for breakfast. Said mouse was not perusing through my box full of papers from work, squeaking at me and causing me to scream for my husband at that time of the morning. Nope. And for the record, I didn't make my husband stumble out of bed and down the stairs so he could simply take the box outside and shake the mouse out. I can handle tiny little mice all by myself and not completely freak out over it. Yup.

* I did not let the dog out the other day to "do her business" and not keep track of her. No way. We always know where she is at all times and never let her wander through the farmer's fields at the back of our property. We have no plans of installing underground fence to train our dog the second the ground thaws out...she's just that well-behaved that she'd never need such a thing.

Well, enough confessions for now. ;o) Maybe I'll share more of my "not me's" next Monday.


MarkeyCo said...

Fantastic! I don't say this enough, but your blog is one of my most entertaining times of the week...second only to our kitten jumping into the salad that Christa tried to prepare as I was typing this...but only barely. And none of that was sarcastic.

Kara Stoltzfus said...

oh fun. love this.
good laughs to start my day.

Cariluz and Ike said...

Absolutely hilarious - your commentary keeps my sanity in check : )

Sara said...

My iron came back low too. I did remember to buy the pills, now I just have to remember to take them