Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dress

I'm realizing more and more that I'm rather blessed to have some really amazingly talented friends in my life. Some live within driving distance, while others are just a phone call away. But all enjoying sharing their God-given talents with others, in a variety of ways.

There's Amanda, who can personalize things with her unique handwriting. (At least she used to do this in years past...and I'm sure she hasn't lost her touch!)

Then there's Bobbi, who knows her way around a sewing machine like no one else. This dear girl is setting aside her much-needed vacation time this summer and exhibiting her unbelievable amount of patience to teach me how to use my machine properly. (Notice I said properly...not my typical "shove in the fabric and wonder why it won't work" method.)

And we have Aimee, who can turn a 99-cent Goodwill item (or even a piece of furniture by the side of the road) into a work of art. She's got a knack for much so that people are after her techniques!

Those are just a few of the women in my life who can do extraordinary things! From visionaries to organizational gurus, the amount of skill/talent is endless!

So, a few weeks ago, I called upon the sewing machine skills of Bobbi and decided to copy the make-your-own-stuff Aimee, and the result was this:

A new dress for Danae!

Aimee made a dress for her daughter and had the tutorial on her blog. I wanted to try my hand at it, and after three hours of Bobbi's teaching, time, and (again) patience, we ended up with a cute summery dress for my girl. We didn't follow the directions regarding using ribbon (gasp!) but instead decided to make the ties out of the same fabric as the dress. It's flowy, it can be used next summer, and it's pink...yup, my girl loves it! :o)


Amanda said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Beth you did an amazing job! I'm SUPER impressed!

Thanks for saying such sweet a matter of fact, I do still personalize, but ask me if I've done anything for Aiden... I'm thinking of making him a piggy bank soon. :)

Cariluz and Ike said...

All I can say is "WOW!" Friends with talents are always a blessing, but you are mighty talented yourself, my dear cousin. Beautiful work!

Aimee said...

The dress is GORG!! Her hair reminds me so much of Avery's! So cute! Great job!

Ruth Feeney said...

That dress is adorable. What a great job! Proud of you... Now go make Kaeli one. lol...

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is an adorable dress!

Diane Peifer said...

Very nice work, Beth! Danae looks super cute in it. A girl I knew in college recently posted some pictures of dresses she's making and selling out of vintage pillowcases! They're gorgeous, too!