Monday, August 24, 2009

Euroflex Monster EZ1 Steam Mop and Floor Steam Cleaner

A few weeks ago, the good 'ol folks over at Euroflex sent me their Monster EZ1 Steam Cleaner to review. Let me just tell you the excitement that came over me when I came home from work that day to see a box sitting at my back door.

Most of you know we moved into our 1852 farmhouse about 3 months ago, and about 75% of the house is tile, wood, or stone floor. While I do like my Swiffer, I quickly realized that I can't use it to effectively clean the stone, and I was reluctant to try it on the wide-plank hardwood floors.

Most of you also know by now that we are expecting baby #3 and that I tend to be a penny-pinching mama. Thus, buying several different cleaning products to keep my floors looking spiffy was out of the question.

This mop gave me the answers I needed. It easily cleans all of the floors with just extra cleaners to buy, no extra money to spend! You just fill the water chamber (using the convenient included cup), plug her in, wait a few minutes for the water to heat, and get moving! Another plus? It uses reusable, washable microfibre pads that attach using a hook & loop system, and they pick up almost anything in their path. No more buying disposable pads!

I can easily fill the chamber with two cups of water and clean every floor in my house - without having to refill it. My floors also dry within minutes, so I don't have to worry about a certain busy crawling/walking boy getting wet with cleaners or chemicals.

The mop steams downward onto your floor AND forward, getting into those hard-to-reach areas. Unfortunately, my mop's forward steam trigger was broken when it arrived, so I didn't get to experience this aspect. OH, and the mop comes with a carpet sledge that attaches to the mop so you can steam your carpets! While it isn't sufficient as a deep steam cleaner, it does give me that clean feeling I'm looking for.

Overall, the Monster EZ1 Steam Cleaner is a wonderful basic steam that can quickly get the job done AND save you money...two things we are ALL looking to do these days. :)


Hostetter6 said...

What? Heck with the mop, you are expecting again! Congrats! So exciting! Yay!

Stephanie said...

We have the Monster EZ1 too and it is fantastic! Most of all, I love that the product doesn't require chemicals. Its a much healthier way to clean than the traditional "mop & bucket." :)