Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Mommy Treat

Do you know how much I LOVE our neighbors?

If you don't by now, you will. Oh, I'm sure you will.

We have two awesome families that live to the left of us, and besides loving our kids, babysitting, allowing us anytime access to their in-ground pool, and feeding us from time to time, they treat us like family. They are loving, accepting people who have some pretty terrific children of their own.

Here's a little example. I received this today at my door:

A gift entitled "A Mommy Treat". A mocha drink of sorts.

An out-of-the-blue, hope-your-day-is-going-great treat. Made for little 'ol me. Little did she know how my days have been going lately and that I needed a pick-me-up in the worst way today.

And, of course, special treats are meant to be shared with special little girls who wake up from their naps just in time to see Mommy taking the first sip. Hmm.

Thank God it's decaf. :)

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Cariluz and Ike said...

Ooh, I am so jealous (in a good way)! It seems that whenever I make a good friend out of a neighbor here, they end up moving (the side effect of the military life). You are so blessed! And that looked yummy : )