Friday, August 21, 2009

My daughter is a finalist...and now I need YOU!

Hold up, blogging world...

I know I owe you a review on a great product that I tested recently, but THIS is a little more important!

My daughter is a finalist in a Trix video contest, and I need YOU to help her WIN!

The contest was put together by a website that I love reading called 5 Minutes for Mom, run by some really awesome twin sisters who know their stuff!

Anywho, we were supposed to ask Danae how she thought those fruity swirls got on the Trix cereal and videotape her response. We kept it dressing her up or coaching her on what to say...straight up organic. ;o)

Now, she needs to get the most votes in order for her to win! And a $1,000 prize is nothing to just skip over!

So, PLEASE go here: and vote for my Danae. She is #5 of the 10 finalists. Yeah, our video is grainy and not very clear...but Danae is just too stinkin' cute to say no to, right??? ;o)

Thanks for your help!

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