Monday, March 31, 2008

New Baby and Baby Names

Our good friends, Justin and Sarah, had a beautiful little girl this past Thursday, 3/27. Kristin Grace was born early Thursday morning and has her mommy's eye and lip shape. My Peanut was overly enamored with this newborn! (And who wouldn't be? Kristin is a precious little dolly!) Danae immediately asked to hold her, and continued to hold her at various times throughout the hospital visit. Hmmm...this is a good sign of what's to come, right??? :o)

Speaking of my little Peanut, here is her current list of names that she likes for her little brother:
1) Slimy (the worm from Sesame Street)
2) Prince Charming
3) this one is new as of today: Trash

Needless to say, we allow her to make her list, but those names are not on our list. :o) And sorry, everyone...we won't be sharing this boy's name until he comes into this world!

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