Monday, March 3, 2008


Last week was insanely busy...but here we are! :o) Besides Curt and I getting over mild head colds, our Peanut then came down with the mysterious 102-degree fever that lasted a few days. Tylenol helped, but only for an hour or two until the next dose was due. The doctor said it was a virus with a sore throat and to monitor her. Thank God, the fever ended yesterday.

I kept telling myself to just get through the days because this current week is the exciting one. Today I have my monthly doctor's appointment, and then on Thursday we find out if the bambino is a boy or girl. I think we are all looking forward to it. A few days ago, our Little Miss told us that she needed to give the "babies" a kiss. When asked how many babies there are in Mommy's belly, she said, " here (pointing to one side of my belly), and one here (pointing to the other side)." Interesting. I think I will fall off the table if she turns out to be correct! Any other predictions out there?

We've been trying to take a pic of me at each month (even though we forgot and started at 3 months), and here's Danae, insisting that she needed her picture taken, too. Poor girl...she looks so tired and has that "not feeling well" shadow under her eyes. Much better now, though!


James said...

it's going to be a boy either born on august 4th, or a boy weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces. one or the other.

prettyinpink said...

if james's prediction is right, then your baby will share my birthday!!!

danae looks so much like you in this picture.

i pray for a healthy baby, or babies for you. i miss you!

i want to see shots of you and your belly!!!

Aimee said...

Aw, what a cute picture! I hope she is doing better. And I hope your dr. appt. went well.

My's a GIRL!! (although based on absolutely nothing but my instinct!)

Aimee said...

Oh, btw, you've been tagged! (visit my blog)