Friday, March 14, 2008

New Shoes

It's funny how new shoes can bring out excitement and happiness in a matter what age. There's just something about having bright, creative kicks on your feet. It's a phenomenon that can't be understood by any male...not even daddies.My Peanut's excitement over her new $5 summer clogs from Wal-Mart is fun to watch. She more than willingly picked out her favorite color (pink, of course!), tried them on in the store, carried them until the shopping trip was over, held them in her lap all the way home, and put them on the instant we walked in the door. When bedtime rolled around, Peanut insisted on taking them to bed with her, putting them back on once she opened her eyes this morning. She just loves her pink shoes!

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Cariluz & Ike said...

Those shoes rock! They are very popular here - I broke down and got Isa a pair when she turned one and she wore them out. Danae looks like she would wear those in the tub if she could...what a cutie-pie!