Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here it comes...Episode 3 of "Danae-isms"!

While I am attempting to feed Caedon a bottle and eat dinner at the same time:
Danae: Mom, you have to hold it in his mouth higher. And sometimes he moves his head side to side, so just take it out and then put it back in later. You know?

The Peanut comes into Caedon's room while I am nursing him to sleep.
Danae: Hey Mom...I need to come into the nursery to feed my baby.
Me: Okay, come on in.
Danae (sits down on the floor and proceeds to lift her shirt to nurse her Cinderella doll): There you go, Baby. (gives an exasperated sigh, then says to her doll) Ok, calm down, calm down. (to me) She's just crying because she's tired, Mom. I'm going to put her in her bed now. You need to be quiet because she's going to sleep, ok?

To her baby brother:
Danae: (in a high-pitched, talking-to-a-baby voice): Good morning, my chubby handsome! Hello, chubby handsome! Did you sleep good? Did you? Did you? Did you? What's wrong, my chubby? What is it? Awww...

Me: Hey, Danae...Can you sing a song to me? How about the ABC's?
Danae: No, not now...I'll sing it to my teacher when I go to school when I'm older.

This one is understandable only if you have ever watched the show "Super Why" on PBS. Danae: Mommy, can I get all of the things in this magazine for Christmas?
Me: Hmmm...maybe some of the things. We'll make a Christmas list later.
Danae: But what about this scooter?
Me: I don't think so, honey...that's for bigger kids.
Danae: Well, I need to get it. It says so in my story...(pretending to read from a book), "I need to get a scooter."


prettyinpink said...

Absolutely hilarious! I am sitting here cracking up. So funny... What a smart cookie she is.

Hostetter6 said...

So funny! I'm feeling like we are living the same life ... Ty and I have many similar conversations. Doesn't it sometimes get exhausting conversing with a 3 year old? But, at the same time, it brings such intense joy! :>)

Jen said...

i LOVE danae-isms!!! more more more!!!

Freakley Family said...

So that is pretty much the funniest thing I have ever read! How do you ever keep a straight face!?! ;-)