Thursday, November 20, 2008

Similarities and Differences

Here are pictures of my little bubbies, both when they were 3 months old:



I've been trying to see if my kiddos actually look alike or are completely different. Danae's face was rounder, and Caedon's head is bigger. Danae's eyes were lighter for a longer amount of time, whereas Caedon's are already turning brown. Danae definitely had more hair than her brother. :o) In the end, I think Danae looks more like me, and Caedon and is just a paler, dimple-cheeked version of his Daddy-O.

It's some ways they look the same as babies, and in others they have their own unique look! Isn't it amazing how no two living creatures are exactly the same, even if they are brother and sister? God's pretty cool like that. :o)


MarkeyCo said...

Or Caedon looks like me!

prettyinpink said...

They are just so cute. I want to squeeze them, Caedon is so chubby.

AMANDA said...

You do?!? I have to disagree. I think Danae is more her daddy and Caedon is all Markey. :)

Cariluz and Ike said...

I agree with Ruth, I just want to squeeze them! I LOVE chunky babies, mine were just like that. Then they start walking and get all skinny, boo-hoo. I think it is amazing how much they look alike, but I also think it is those little things that you mentioned which make Danae look more like you and Caedon a bit more like Curt. They are both gorgeous, no matter who they look like!

Titi Debi said...

Don't know if I am the first to say this, BUT....I think there is something about Caedon that looks like Joel....and of course Little D is just a small version of her Titi!!! :))))