Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Turkey

Sorry I haven't been around much these days. Maybe because it's that time of year and the holidays add a bit more to your "to-do" list...maybe because I have about 50 million work-related things on my plate and some days feel like I'm drowning...or maybe because my little boy thinks that he needs to nurse like crazy in the middle of the night and keep me up from 4:30am to close to 6:00am, leaving me tired and begging for a cup of Seattle's Best coffee and a donut every morning. Could be any of the above.

Seriously, though, these days have been flying by, and I'm in shock that Thanksgiving is next week! You know Christmas will then be on our doorsteps, and before we know it, here's 2009! Where does it all go???

Speaking of Thanksgiving: I've been trying to hunt down some type of turkey outfit to put on my Little Turkey for the big day. Just thought it would be funny for him to wear...well, really, it would be more for everyone else's amusement. :o) BUT, there doesn't seem to be any outfits/costumes ANYWHERE! My sister and I scoured the lovely world wide web, but the only thing we came up with was this roast turkey costume you could make from Martha Stewart's website:

I find that a little weird, don't you? We decided to nix that one. (FYI: The baby above is NOT Caedon, even though there is a close resemblance.) :o)

We then found one other that you could make, but it was so involved and my sewing machine talents are so non-existent that I had to pass on that. So, if you have any suggestions of where to find a cute turkey outfit, (besides "You should have looked when it was Halloween, you big dummy"), size 6-9 months, let me know. My last option is to put an iron-on that I found onto a white long-sleeve onesie.

So, for now, I will enjoy my cup of half-caff coffee, homemade breakfast scone, and last few minutes of alone time...oh, wait...there goes my Brita water pitcher on the floor and my daughter looking at me sheepishly. Gotta run.


AMANDA said...

The picture of that baby in the Turkey is too much! I looked at your post so fast that I had to do a double take to see if it was Caedon or not...haha! ;)

I'd love to see a picture of whatever you come up with for your little turkey!

prettyinpink said...

I thought that was Caedon in the pic. So funny. Sorry you are swamped right now. I hope it slows up soon for you.

Hostetter6 said...

Hey Beth! Did you check at Carter's outlet? The last time I was in there, I was flying through the store for something specific with 3 of my little boys in tow, but, out of the cornier of my eye, I did notice some Thanksgiving outfits. I think one or some did have a turkey on them. Before running the whole way there, just give them a call and ask what they have in stock.

By the way, I agree with your conclusion. Denae and Caedon look alike, but different, but both absolutely ADORABLE!


Aimee said...

Oh, that picture is so funny! I hope you were able to find an outfit!

But, Beth, Seattle's Best coffee???? C'mon!! My sister would be so insulted!!! :)