Friday, October 30, 2009

4 Months

Is it really possible that I am over 4 months preggos...halfway already?! Are you sure?

Well, the pics seem to show the proof. (And thanks to my little Peanut for taking them!) :o)

How do you like the herniated belly button? Real attractive, huh? Last week, my dermatologist felt the need to point it out to if I didn't notice the finger-like object projecting from my midsection or have it there with my first two babies. I should have acted totally shocked and grossed out when she said, "Hey, look! Did you know you have an umbilical hernia?" Ha!

Again, don't forget about the jewelry giveaway...AND, keep watching for a few more giveaways in November...such as a Fuzzi Bunz One Size cloth diaper and a cool package from Charlie's Soap. Oh, I just love giving things away!


Sara said...

Ah, you make pregnancy look really cute! I feel like I'm a lot smaller this time around. I'm not sure if it's b/c I don't have time to sit around so hopefully I'm not putting on as much excess weight and that's it. (hum, I'm not sure that was a proper sentence, anyway.) Speaking of diapers (well, no one really was but you mentioned diapers in your post) I just bought some new (to me) bumgenius covers yesterday b/c I realized that I have a high amount of pink and not as many neutral colors.

AMANDA said...

Wow! Can't believe how much your belly has grown since we saw each other at the beginning of October! Glad all is well.

Love and miss you!

Stephanie said...

4 months! You look fantastic (and so healthy too). :)

How are you feeling these days?