Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life's teachable moments and Visa

Some people experience trials and struggles (we'll call them "teachable moments") in small doses throughout their lives. A small problem one month, a family issue two months later, and so on.

Not us. After over 7 years of marriage, Hubby and I have realized (and accepted) the fact that God likes to slam us with multiple "teachable moments" at once. It was difficult at first to navigate through those muddy waters when life issues mounted on our backs, but I must say we've gotten a ton better at it.

Here's a glimpse of the past week in our lives (yes, it all was within one week). I made it into a Visa commercial for you to enjoy. :)

* New parts needed for Hubby's truck. Cost: Waaay more than we (or you) would ever expect.

* No money to pay people at work (which is what most non-profits are experiencing these days). Cost: A little less income, a little more prayer, and a lot more God-trusting.

* Baby boy burns his hand, resulting in a trip to the ER, several doctor's visits, and hours of work pushed back. Cost: Lots of pain and tears, $0 (thank you, God, for his awesome health insurance!), and more time spent playing work catch-up.

* After a week of wallpaper removal, wall spackling, and wall sanding, the primer finally went up, only to discover the ceiling needs more work than we thought. Cost: A few more hours of work, $20 for yet another gallon of primer, and 2 more days behind schedule (the schedule we set in our minds, that is).

* A blinking engine light in my car, along with other vehicular issues. Cost: The vomit that almost came out of my mouth when the mechanic told me his total, the love and admiration in my heart when Hubby said he could do most of that work himself (saving us a boat-load of money), some more schedule-juggling, and a little more time playing catch-up at work.

* A hole in the shower wall after the soap holder (and surrounding grout) fall off into the tub, revealing the lovely-looking plaster wall and nastiness therein. Cost: Moving up the bathroom project by a few months in our timeline of projects and some time figuring out where the money will come from. Actual $ cost: Oh, who knows.

* Dog rips out stuffing from the already-existing large holes in our old, decrepit couch. Cost: whatever it costs to get a new couch (the already decided upon Christmas present between Hubby and I)

* Two beautiful children, a devoted and snazzy husband, a warm home to live in, coffee to drink (just HAD to throw that one in there), a beyond-flexible job, health insurance, family and friends who love us and lift us up in prayer, and a God who promises to NEVER give us more than we can handle: PRICELESS.

We may not understand it all, including the "whys" of life. But we do believe that it all happens for a reason, and if it's just to grow stronger in our faith, then so be it.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6


Cariluz and Ike said...

Wow, Beth, that actually made me tear up a bit. It is a testament to you and your hubby's faith and love that you can get through these things with such a great sense of humor intact : ) Hang in there, these things too "shall pass!" Love ya

The Rug Beater said...

I just happened on to your blog through Michelle's blog. We had those kind of weeks in our young married life, but did not trust the Lord the way I see you guys are. Well done, thy good and faithful servant. As a neighbor & a friend, if there's anything at all we can do to help....well you know where to find me. God WILL bless you for your faithfulness & trust. Love yas!

Stephanie said...

I really appreciate your positive outlook and your rock solid trust in God. You are inspiring.

This week, I hope you get "slammed" by dozens of unexpected joys and blessings...