Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gymnastics...and some reminders

Thanks to many of you, Peanut came in 2nd place in the Trix video contest a few months ago and won money to be used toward educational classes and/or items. So, we now present to you...our gymnast (in the blue and brown). (Sorry for the not-so-good pictures taken through a glass window. You understand.) :o)


Stretching (She'll love me for this pic when she's older!)

Fun time!

She had her very first gymnastics class last night, and to say that she was excited is a huge understatement! She definitely wasn't the leader of the pack, as most of the kids in her Chipmunks group had already been there before. But she did have loads of fun, 45 minutes of movement, and details to give to every listening ear today.

So, there we shall be, at the gymnastics place every Tuesday night from now until sometime next year.

OH, and a few reminders...

1) The Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway posted about here ends this Saturday, so if you haven't read the post, checked out Lisa's site, and commented, get to it!

2) Remember the Make Time for CHANGE post from sometime in September about Frigidaire's new campaign? If not, click on over and learn about spending your extra hour coming this Sunday with/for a child.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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