Thursday, September 20, 2007

Aimee Tagged Me!

Yup, I've been tagged by Mrs. Weaver. :o) So now I need to post 8 things you might not know about me. Wow...think, think, think...

1) I prefer the beach over the mountains. Yes, I know the cabin at the mountains is more secluded with less people, fresher air, and probably no cancer...but when you grow up playing and swimming at the beach, that just doesn't leave you.

2) For some reason, I am really sensitive to smell. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they and their house smell. I think that each person's house has its own scent, and I can pick up that scent almost immediately. Kind of like a bloodhound. Now, if only my memory were as good...

3) I REALLY don't like spiders. Plenty of spider bites in the past have convinced me of this. Yes, they are God's creatures, but I don't think that will stop my impulse to go out of my way to kill one of those eight-legged suckers.

4) One great way for me to "de-stress" is to spend an entire day cleaning and organizing my house (with no one else around). I know it sounds crazy, but the satisfied feeling afterward is better than any day at the spa.

5) I think going to a Wiggles concert would be fun. Yes, I used to think the four men dressed in different colors were gay, and I know lots of people don't like them. But I did my research, and they are normal, straight men with early childhood education backgrounds who have families of their own. They are creative, my daughter loves their songs, and it's educational. (So, anyone wanna go with us?) :o)

6) I love to bake! I'm definitely much better at baking than cooking. If we could eat breads, pies, cakes, and cookies all the time and not get sick or fat, my house would be an all-the-time happy house.

7) Besides being a fan of the show "The Office" (which you probably already knew), I really enjoy watching "The Biggest Loser". Maybe it's my exercise and fitness background, but I think what those people are doing is awesome! I'd love to be a trainer on that show, or maybe just a fitness trainer in normal life someday.

8) I can be create at times and wish I was more often. I tend to be very objective and like things "by the book", but when I relax and let my creative side come out, fun things can happen. :o)


Meagan said...

Haha. Funny funny. Lol. I like the one about the Wiggles. Haha! Yeah well... Idk. I see that you're coming to see us 2mrw! YES! Haha. Love you!!

Love, Meagan

Anonymous said...

i had to chuckle...the wiggles. (still think their gay, just presently still in the closet!) ha ha!
learned some new things about you.