Sunday, September 9, 2007

Purse Raids and Party Time

What a fun weekend..
If you don't know our daughter by now, you are missing out on tons of fun, lots of movement, and constant surprises. Take the picture below, for instance. On Friday, I realized Danae was being too quiet, so after I found out she raided my purse and loves makeup, I snapped this picture.

Life with Danae is exciting at every turn. :o)

We also had some fun at a little party for me at House of His Creation. They decided to throw a "Happy Quitting" party (as called by my friend/former co-worker Matthew) for me tonight. We had a good time eating dinner, talking, and learning more about the girls at the house. The staff also gave me a "Schrute Buck" and season 3 of The Office...yes, they rock! I definitely miss working with everyone from HOHC! It's not often you get to work with people who do extraordinary work . Check out the HOHC website when you get a chance by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

love the "schrute buck"...awesome.
i should've got you a beth bobble head! : ) remember that episode.

Rachel said...

Had so much fun with you guys last night; keep in touch.

Aimee said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And Danae didn't even need Sarah's help to do her makeup?!

What a great gift they gave you - wow! They must know you pretty well! :) Have fun reliving all those hilarious episodes!