Saturday, September 22, 2007


I survived and am still walking! The Quantico Half-Marathon is now over, and after a few hours, the passing out and puking feeling has gone away. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours, and I finished in 1:59:56. With 100% humidity and 70 degrees at 8am, I knew it was going to be close!
My sister ended up not running due to a foot problem, and brother-in-law Bill finished in 1 hour 35 seconds (PR for him...woo hoo!).
Here are a few pics from the race:

Me at about 7.5 miles...sweating like crazy, but still manageable. :o)
Bill (left) close to the finish.

Me (on the right) at the finish...yippee!

Bill & I post-race. (Yup, I got the hair chopped this week!)There should be more pictures from the race available soon from the people at Quantico. I'll post them when I get them.

All in all, it was a good, fun weekend! Danae loves being with her cousins Meg & Maddie and tags along with the the entire time. :)


Meagan said...

Omg!! That's awesome. AUGH!!!! MY EYES BURN!!! Jk jk. Haha. Well I wish you didn't have to go.

Anonymous said...

you inspire me....that something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

fyi - like the hair...but i was hoping for shorter or even a pixie cut!!

: )

Aimee said...

Great job Beth! You are my hero. And, I like the hair - can't wait to see it in real life! :)

James said...

thats so awesome. everytime i want to get into running, i just think you guys do it for me. ;-) nice pics though. and the hair is definitely cute. also, danae has been getting more and more photogenic as time goes on. funny. just like her titi doriann.