Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fair Time!

We went to the Lampeter Fair last night, where there's lots of farm animals and "fair food": pork BBQ sandwiches, chicken corn soup, milk shakes, etc. Danae, of course, loved the animals and would have preferred to snatch a bunny rather than pet it through the cage.

After Danae saw a little girl with a horse painted on her face, she was determined to have her own. So, after standing in line patiently and sitting on my lap without moving (yes, we were shocked too!), she got her horse! She displayed it proudly for Curt, Justin, Sarah, and Jenny to see. Here she is, fast asleep after an evening of fun!
Next week: The New Holland Fair, which is only the best fair of the year! I'll be sure to share our photos with you!

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Anonymous said...

we almost dropped by the fair too...but ended up just spending some time at home. here we come new holland fair!
cute pic.