Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Week

It's birthday week at the Ulrich house! Our Little Miss turns two on Tuesday...can you believe it?!

Since Danae is a Dora the Explorer fiend, we decided to make her a Dora cake. Here she is midway...

...and here's the final outcome!

I pretty much just baked the cake and slapped on the background frosting (not much creativity there). Curt's the talented one who cut the cake and then drew Dora just by looking at a template that I printed out from the Nickelodeon website. He amazes me.

We'll post more pics/video this week! :o)


Titi Debi said...

Oh that is beautiful! I wish we could be there to partake in the big day. We love you Danae! Happy Birthday (2 days early) and we'll see you soon. Let me know when you get Titi Debi's package!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful job on the cake....i'm impressed! hope Danae has a wonderful birthday tomorrow.

meagan is beast yo said...

That's a kewl cake.
Totally awesome dood.
Wishin' I was there.
Love you!
<3 <3 <3
One 4 each!

Aimee said...

Cute cake! Great job Beth & Curt! :) I'm sure peanut loved it.