Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rainy Day Activities

It's a rainy, dark day here...perfect for sleeping in. (HA...riiiight.) Well, Danae and I kind of did a little sleeping in, or more like catching up on sleep that was lost from around 1:30am to 3am this morning. Little Miss woke up a bit congested and kept crying. After a loooong time of letting her scream it out, we went in and found out she wanted to sleep in our bed. I think our desperation for sleep caused the cave-in, and in she came! (I must say, though, it was nice to go back to sleep after Curt went to work and then sleep until 8:45!) Now Danae is as perky and awake as ever, attempting to "play" bite me as I type this (it's still a bite and still hurts!).

Anywho, I finally had a chance to figure out how to post Anita Renfroe's "William Tell Overture" video on here, so click, enjoy, and thank God for the rain!

1 comment:

Meagan said...

That video was funny.
She talked very fast and didn't stumble on a word or ne thing.
She's good.