Monday, October 8, 2007


Lately, Danae is really filling out the role of a 2-year-old (well, 8 days shy of being 2). We are handling daily meltdowns, whining, crying, and stubbornness (noooo...can't be from me!). :o) Along with that, though, we have a sweet, hugging and kissing, fun-loving little girl who talks all the time! She can be happy or angry at any minute, depending on the moment. Aaaahhhh...the joys of this time in life! Overall, it's important to enjoy EVERY minute of it...Danae will never be this age again, and I want to cherish the good and the bad.

Speaking of bad (wow, I really don't like using that word), here's a picture of Danae from one night after the fair. Little Miss had a REAL meltdown on the way home, feeling very unhappy about not getting to ride the carousel another time. Curt nips this kind of behavior in the bud, and after trying to talk with Danae, he made her stand in the corner for a minute or two. Hard times, but too cute to pass up a picture.
On another note: I am starting to add our pictures to an online album. You can check them out by clicking on "Our Online Albums" over to the right. Enjoy! :o)


Anonymous said...

so much to look forward too! : ) we do need to get another play date on the calendar...and have jen and ryan join us too. just let me know.

Debi said...

Oh Danae, thats my girl! Wanting to ride the carousel a second time. I'd have a meltdown too. :)

BTW, you didn't tell me bubble wrap was the new way to protect kitchen chairs!


James said...

Yeah. What is with that bubble wrap?!