Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Holland Fair

Last night we went to the New Holland Fair Parade with friends. It was a long but good parade, and we actually sat and watched it this year instead of walking around the entire time. Danae loved the candy, especially "Farties" (aka Smarties), as did Avery when we noticed her sucking them out of the little pack. :o) Baby Ryan slept through most of the parade, even when the loud, beeping trucks went by! Merle almost got clocked with a flag, and Jen, Bobbi, and Steve each enjoyed pork BBQ from Hess's...yum!

Danae and Mommy (with red eye, of course!)
The group (I couldn't see too well in the dark...let's try another picture!)
Oops...I cut people off again!

That's better! (somewhat)

The New Holland Band


Danae, Avery, and Aimee!

Ryan! (almost 1 month old)

Navy people (this one's for you, Joel!) :o)


Jen said...

that's fast posting! i love the pic of you and danae! thanks again, we had so much fun last night!

James said...

Danae is such a ham.

GiBee said...

Hi, Bess! Thanks for the visit and your sweet comment! I hope to see you around!

Aimee said...

Yay for the fair!! We'll have to do it again next year...