Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Weekend

This past weekend, we went to Ricketts Glen with our small group. (We missed you, Merle, Aimee, & Avery!) It was a great time of hiking, deer-spotting, walks, game-playing, shooting, and lots of food! Here are some pics from our adventures:

Care to see more? Check of the Manthey family's blog, then click on "Our Online Photo Albums" on their page.

Danae also had a fun weekend at home, with her Nana & Papa. My parents graciously came out from NJ for the weekend to stay with their youngest granddaughter. From the stories we are hearing from both ends, it sounds like they had a fun weekend, too! Nana, of course, took lots of pictures. Here are a few until I get more from her. :o)


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun weekend...oh how i miss the small group days. i'm jealous!
we need to get together with the kiddos.

James said...

what a ham!

meagan is beast yo said...

She's so cutee!!
And that's kewl that u guys had funn.
It looks scary though!!!
Jk jk.

Sarah said...

I think that you are now on a government watch list for having so many gun pictures on your blog. If only they knew how bad of a shot you were... well, how bad all of us girls were, except Bobbi!

Julie J said...

Looks like a BLAST at the cabin. Missing all you guys. :-)