Friday, November 2, 2007

2-Year-Old Portraits

So, I took Danae to JC Penny last week for her 2-year-old pictures, and I'm sharing the preview with you! (The package comes in next week.) Here are four of my favorites. Given that Danae kept telling the man to "stop it" and that she was "all done", I'm glad for at least one photo of her smiling! :o)


Anonymous said...

so cute. so grown up!

meagan is beast yo said...

She's soooo cute.
I watch a picture for my room.
I need a wallet size.
And come visit me sometime.
Love you!!
<3 <3 <3

Aimee said...

What cuteness! Wow, the pictures turned out great!

Stephanie said...

So cute! I like the first photo best, but they all capture the wonder of being two. :)

prettyinpink said...

Danae's pics came out wonderfully. I can't wait for one for the fridge to show Kaeli Anna.