Monday, November 5, 2007


Saturday was applesauce-making and canning day at Sarah's house. Boy, what a project! We had 8 or 9 people helping out to make applesauce for 5 people. After working from around 9am until a little after 6pm, all of the over 200 pounds of apples were made into their saucy counterpart. (With around 40 quarts of applesauce now in my basement, guess what the gift of choice is for this Christmas!) :o) I must say, though...applesauce-o-rama day is much better spent doing it with others than by yourself. Thanks, friends, for a fun day!


Anonymous said...

i drove past sarah's on saturday and saw alot of action on the front porch and thought you may be making applesauce, i almost stopped by. i should've.
hope all is well. hope to get a can of that applesauce. : ) ha ha

Sandy said...

Fun, Fun! I'm sure you've seen my posts on applesauce and canning? (hopefull you didn't have to peel the apples?) :)

prettyinpink said...

Hi, this is your cousin Ruth. That applesauce making sounds like fun.