Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Curt!

Today is my hubby's 28th birthday! Happy Birthday to him! :o)

We were just talking last night about a person who is around 20 years old, and the comment came out of my mouth, "He's around 20 or so, not much younger than us." Then it hit us: we are both much closer to 30 than we thought! What in the world are we talking about, "not much younger than us"??? And where in the world did the years in-between 20 and 30 go? Oh, boy...

At any rate, Danae and I will be taking the Birthday Boy out to dinner and then have some cake at home. Our little Peanut wished her Daddy-O a happy birthday (very clearly, I might add) on the phone while he was at work this morning. So, now that she knows it's Daddy's special day, she's been talking about it a lot...reminding me when I made the cake, when I mention his name, etc. She's my little helper all right!

So, again, Happy Birthday, Curt, and many more!


Happy Panda said...

What a cute photo! Are you creating a post for the shower?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday curt.....enjoy your day.

meagan is beast yo said...

i sent uncle curt a text during class on his b-day.
so i cant wait 2 see u guys again!!
love u!!


Anonymous said...

We didn't forget your special day. Hope it was joyous. Stop counting at 29, thats what I did.
Happy Birthday Curt!
Love you guys!

Aimee said...

Happy Belated Birthday Curt! Wow - 29! Or is it 28? Or is it 30?? You know how bad Merle & I are with our birthday and anniversary dates! :) We like having you guys around to remind us of the special events in our lives. :)