Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

We had a PACKED house for Thanksgiving dinner! All of my immediate family and Curt's immediate family came to our house for dinner. We had a total of 16 people in our little townhouse...craziness! In the end, the food was GREAT and I really enjoyed being around lots of family. (I hope you guys enjoyed it, too!) Also, thanks to Aimee for letting me borrow her trifle dish...Meagan and I had a ball making it! Unfortunately, I was too busy to remember to take pics of everyone at dinner...sorry for my forgetfulness! :o(

So, after much discussion, my siblings, brother-in-law Tim, Meagan, and I decided to hit up Target and a few other stores this morning for the Black Friday sale. Boy oh boy, I don't think any of us will do that again! We left the house at 5:30ish and got to Target to find the parking lot full and the line wrapped around the side of the building. Pure madness. Seriously, how do people make it from one store to another on this particular morning??

After attempting to use a cart and realizing that wouldn't work (waaaay too many people, lots of cart-smashing), we started carrying what we were going to buy. Nope, my brother James didn't get the awesome camera that was on sale, but I think we had a fun time seeing each other before the sun came up and got a few other deals in the end. More pics can be seen by clicking on "Our Online Albums" to the left.

So, did you have a good Thanksgiving? Any shopping adventures? :o)


Anonymous said...

happy turkey day.
i'm not crazy enough to do that black friday shopping, way to stressful. i'd rather pay the extra money and go next week. i bet amy got some deals...she's good like that!
by the way, your online album doesn't have update photo's...the last few times i've click on it there weren't any new pics posted.

Aimee said...

Oh boy, just thinking about shopping that early gives me a headache! I tried it last year and it was disasterous!

Looks like you had some fun family-time! We had a great weekend too!