Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, it's been a fun and interesting week! :o) Our Little Miss averaged an accident a day, which is could have been much worse! So, we'll keep trucking on this weekend!

Here's a little "Danae-ism" for you to start your weekend...enjoy!

Danae: Mommy, Danae mad at puppy.

Me: Where's your puppy?

Danae: In the corner.

Me: Okay...why are you mad at your puppy?

Danae: My puppy spilled Danae's goldfish...not nice, puppy.

Me: Oh...your puppy spilled your goldfish on the floor? Hmmm...why don't you go over and talk with your puppy.

Danae (to the puppy in timeout, while hugging it): I'm sorry...puppy say I'm sorry. I love you, puppy.
(As you can see, it's a stuffed puppy, not a real one.) :o)


Julie J said...

Too cute!

James said...

hahahahahahahaha!!! puppy say i'm sorry!! hahahahahahahahaha!!! oh my side hurts.