Monday, September 21, 2009


I came across this video on a friend's Facebook post, and it was just the sort of "pick-me-up" I need lately!

With two kiddos, a puppy, a baby on the way, a house to maintain, and a job to be at, life tends to be full and worrysome. But watching this video makes me 1) thank my lucky stars that I didn't have four babies at one time ;o), and 2) remember to enjoy the little things in life and not take everything so seriously. Enjoy!


Stephanie said...

I love that video. Four times the joy! And that mama is so pretty too!

Anonymous said...

i can't help but read this post and be reminded of what fall reminds me of on most days.... of course, all of Logan and his birth & death. But, I also have fond memories of the beautiful fall too. Like roasting a good marshmallow on a cool night by a nice warm fire! yum-o!