Sunday, September 20, 2009


With the start of the fall season comes all kinds of thoughts and emotions from me. I don't know what it is about the cooler weather that brings out the reflective side. But it happens almost every year.

While I do look forward to the fairs, evening walks, leaves falling, and the winter house projects, I find myself looking backward...

* Back to those college days at Messiah, the soccer games, the loooong campus walks, the time I had to myself to do whatever I wanted.

* Back to the many friendships I had...the ones that start in high school or on a college campus but grow apart as life takes you in separate directions.

*Back to classes and learning and the feeling of being able to retain knowledge longer than a day or two.

* Back to when I could run a sub-7:40 mile, enjoy it, and be dry afterward. (more on that some other time)

* Back to when Grandma was still alive...the trips to Brooklyn to see her...the cans of Coke and Stella D'oro cookies...the old typewriter and adding machines...

Don't get me wrong...I do LOVE being a mother, a wife, a homeowner, and more. I love where life has taken me, what God has done, and what He has yet to do. I think my kids are the funnest beings on the planet and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love where we live and being close to many places.

But sometimes there are things that I miss from my past. Some things that I know won't happen ever again, and some things that I can do again in the future. I'm definitely the nostalgic type...constantly thinking about past events, trying to remember my younger years and not let go of the good memories. My ultimate goal is to enjoy each chapter of life, no matter the changes they bring.

What about you? What memories do you have, what do you miss, what do you wish you could bring back or do again?

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Cariluz and Ike said...

Girl, I feel you on the nostalgia kick. Sometimes, I like to remember when life was simpler (although of course I didn't realize it then) and all it will take is an old pic or a deja vu like memory to set me rolling back. I can't even look at a roll of smarties without thinking about old times! ; )